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The #1 place to order Root Beer Party Kegs, Root Beer by the bottle, Cool Mountain Soda Pop & Bag n' Box Post Mix Syrups...sweetly carbonated from the root of a sassafras.

Enjoy hand crafted Chicago Draft Style Root Beer and more flavors @ your next event! Have them delivered direct from our brewery here in Chicago.

Chicago Root Beer is available in 12 oz. glass bottles, Kegs and 5 Gallon Bag n' Box Syrup Mix. Be sure to order premium beverages for your loved ones this holiday season. Enjoy handcrafted soda at the next family cookout or while watching your favorite game.

Chicago Rootbeer is UpFront

Free Chicago Root Beer Mug! sure to ask when picking up keg orders

Looking to rent a Root Beer Keg for Oktoberfest? Chicago Root Beer offers half-barrel and also quarter-barrels, 1/2 kegs contains 15.5 gallons of soda beverages and weighs approx. 180 pounds at capacity and 30 pounds empty. How many will a keg serve? Per-glass quantities will vary depending on the amount of foam and poured level, however 12-oz cups generally will yield about 175-200 drinks, equal to seven cases of rootbeer or flavored soda. Read More